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Sun dial

This is a beautiful solid brass antique reproduction of an Armillary Sphere Sundial. The Armillary Sphere is one of the most accurate sundials ever made. The outside of the sphere is decorated with signs of the zodiac and is supported by an adjustable Thumbscrew Clamp which can be set to your local latitude. The Armillary Sphere's arrow points polar north and the Gnomon Casts a shadow onto the equatorial band which is etched with Roman numerals to indicate the local time. This allows a linear 15 degree per hour scale.
Brass Sun Dial

Brass Sun Dial

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Achla Designs ASD-06 Brighten your garden décor with the Brass Armillary Sundial. Armillary spheres were used for centuries as celestial globes, with rings corresponding to the meridians and parallels on a modern globe. This unit has a large arrow thread.

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